respectful and shared upbringing

Manada Gori-Gori is a self-run educational community created by and for families who wish to raise their children 2 to 6 years old in a respectful way within a caring and child-centered environment inspired by different alternatve school models.

Gori-Gori was born in 2014 as a shared upbringing group formed by 10 families (and 11 Goris) who wanted to get actively involved in the education of our kids and share this great aventure with other families. Thanks to the complicity of two wonderful counsellors, the Manada (which stands for “pack” in Spanish) grew, laughed and endured. We became stronger while we learned and unlearned together for two wonderful years. In 2016, it was time to take the next step forward and we decided to continue our project until our Goris were older, so we decided to open up to new families, new Goris and new counsellors who wanted to join us in this amazing journey.

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