Practical Information

Monday to Friday
9:00 – 15:00 h

9:00 – 15:30 h, Monday to Friday (two families per day, together with two counsellors)

September – August

We start in September and remain open all year round through August.
Although we do close for holidays, 4-6 weeks in Summer and two more in Winter, besides taking off some long weekends during the year. The exact holiday dates and periods are agreed upon by the entire Manada as we go along, trying to respect the desires and needs of everybody involved.

The philosophy of Manada Gori-Gori is to try to spend as much time as possible with our kids providing them the best caring possible. That’s why we strive to have an adequate number of adults accompanying them in our facilities, in order to never neglect their needs.

  • Adults: Two professional counsellors, plus two families every day
  • Gori-Goris: Up to 21 children
  • Adults/Gori-Goris ratio: 1:5, maximum

The families who make up the project have organized ourselves to conceive a balanced and seasonal menu and we take shifts to cook ourselves every day using exclusively ecological produce. That way we can make sure that the Gori-Goris and their companions have always the best possible diet.
Apart from that, every Gori brings with him/herself some breakfast and fruit to share with everybody else every day.

Given the self-run nature of the project, it’s indispensable for families and counsellors to be adequately organized and that we are in sync for everything to run smoothly.
That’s why we have monthly assemblies, which are mandatory for all families and counsellors, where we deal with day-to-day issues as well as with pedagocial topics.

Since the Manada is run by the families who are part of the project, it is crucial for all tasks to be distributed fairly among everybody who is part of the project. The way we organize ourseleves is in commissions and every family must be active in a commission:

  • Shifts and substitutions
  • Materials
  • Finance
  • Maintenance/Home-improvement
  • Food
  • External activities
  • Assemblies
  • Day trips